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Commercial Fleet Accounts

Fleet Accounts in Baker, LA

Maximize Fleet Performance - Open a Fleet Account

Are you a local business with a fleet operating in Baker, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, Zachary, LA, Central, LA, or a surrounding area? Opening a fleet account saves your business money on maintenance and repair services that keep your vehicles dependable. 

At Baker Texaco, we work with private businesses, state organizations, and federal agencies to manage fleet service and ensure our customers get the longest life and best performance out of their company vehicles.

We work with Element and PHH fleet accounts. Our facility accepts the PHH card.

4 Reasons to Open a Fleet Account

There are several reasons to start a fleet account for your business:

  • Customer Satisfaction - Cared for fleets reduce the likelihood of downtime
  • Driver Retention - Provide employees with vehicles they feel safe driving
  • Business Reputation - Meet customer expectations for on-time arrival
  • Cost Reduction - Save money on fleet service that prevents and addresses problems

Fleet accounts benefit police, federal and state agencies, plumbers, independent contractors, moving truck providers, catering companies, and any business that relies on a small to large fleet to provide service.

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